The Genesis of Science; The "Big Bang” Beginning

In the beginning, some 13.7 to 16 billion years ago, there was
absolutely nothing, zilch, nada. Except that “somewhere”
there was some highly concentrated energy consisting of protons, electrons, and neutrons. This is confusing right from the get go. But… this was necessary In order for the events that were about to unfold in relation to the beginning of space and time as we know it. And then, in one billionth of a second, for some unknown reason, it is speculated, from nothing
came something! This had to have been a type of catalytic event of extraordinary energy and power.

This event is what science calls the, “Big Bang!”

I was taught early on in public schools that evolution was a
factual theory. I was raised in the church but I really didn’t give much time nor attention to the hub-bub that exists between Biblical creationism and the science of evolution. That is until I entered 9th grade.

The science teacher would not teach the chapter that explained evolution. He related to our young and impressionable class that he was a Christian and could not in good faith and conscience teach what he believed to be a falsehood.

From that point on I have desired to be as knowledgeable as I can be in regards to what science teaches and what the Bible tells us about creation. I will admit however that there are certain things that I cannot understand in relation to physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and the other complex divisions of science. So much of science is beyond my grasp, however I do believe that I can understand enough to weigh the scales of science and theology in order to come to a logical conclusion.

Science will argue that there was something somewhere before the great explosion erupted! I agree…there had to have been something, or “someone” somewhere. Science says that there was energy within the fabric, or curtain if you will, of time. Yet how could this be when there was no space nor time before the Big Bang? You just cannot have it both ways. Yet science seems to have an answer for this as well as so much more on the scientific view of the beginning of time and evolution.

We are told that this energy in the form of a very small “primeval super atom,” (that just existed…somewhere) which was very hot and dense, whipped up a gigantic and violent, and very chaotic blast somewhere, somehow out of nothing.

From this blast came sub-atomic particles that produced matter, anti-matter, gases and much more energy. Matter overtakes anti-matter, thus, (time as it were) and space were born.

This was the beginning as science teaches, however, there are
variables within different camps of science as to exactly what
transpired at this particular time. This in itself leaves a lot of
room for guess work.

There was no night nor day such as akin to “relative time”
as we know it. And so there were no 24 hour time periods that we would recognize as such.

And space began to expand on a grand scale to create universes’ and planets and stars since that chaotic and violent beginning of time, so says science. No help was needed in all of these different sequences of events that occurred we are told. These activities were just a result of a random happenstance that transpired in the fabric of nothingness. Just what was this fabric by the way?

Finally, about 4.57 billion years ago, earth was born. The
Sun just happened to be formed in this approximate time line as well, and light came forth. At this point the earth was very hot and life could not yet exist.

And the Earth and other planets and matter began to rotate around the Sun because of just the right amount of gravity that to this day is “constant.”

It is hard for me to believe that the many “constants” all police themselves without outside instructions and correction on every plane. Just a thought.

And the Earth’s rotation around the Sun was most perfect because of it’s magnetic field and the, “constants” that began to rule this galaxy that we call, “The Milky Way.” These constants became very precise and organized. From violence and chaos in the form of a Big Bang came the beginning of perfection and organization. Science says this is perfectly natural. I have experimented with explosives many times as a lad and I can tell you that I never witnessed order in my experiences. I really don’t believe anyone else has either.

At any rate the distance of Earth from the Sun became perfect. The distance of Earth from the Moon became perfect as well. The Earth’s axis tilted just right, and the Earth even wobbles exactly as it should.

About 3.5 billion years ago the Earth was uninhabitable with a lot of gas, but no oxygen. Therefore no life existed. Mankind nor life of any kind could live in this type of environment. Things were beginning to change however.

As the Earth cooled down, energy created bolts of lightning which formed connections, and they fell into the vast oceans. With evaporation of the seas, concentration occurred, creating what is referred to as organic “primal soup”. Amino Acids were formed, and carbon which is speculated to have come from outer space, intermingled and from this lifeless matter came life!

All life forms were simple single-celled beings at this juncture. From the sunlight these lifeforms created photosynthesis. They used carbonic oxide and water to make proteins, and needed energy came from the sunlight as well. Everything on Earth was just right.

And by mere fate, just the right amount of ingredients was now upon the Earth for these one celled beings to live. 6 parts of CO2 (Carbonic oxide) + 5 parts of H2O water) are transformed with help of sunlight into: 1 part of C6H10O5 (farina) + 6 parts of O2 (oxygen). What a coincidence!

And the one celled beings multiplied very quickly and over periods of time, different species of life began to crop up from these simple one celled life forms.

One celled animals evolved into simple beings which later developed into fish like beings that developed into many different species over time. Soon some of the fishes decided it was time to take a stroll on the beach. Before you know it, these beach roamers grew lungs in order to breath air, which was just the right amount of mixture at this time. And then from these came forth many types of land dwellers while
leaving some of their cousins behind in the sea.

Well now, these land dwellers evolved gradually over time into many different species of dinosaurs. Survival of the fittest prevailed among all these creatures and only the strong adapters made it. This is called survival of the fittest.

Dinosaurs ruled the earth until a catastrophe in the form of a Meteor wiped them out. Once again mere fate was on the side of some living beings that survived this catastrophe. Cutting to the chase, mankind finally evolved around 5 million years ago.


This was the beginning as science teaches, however, there are variables within different camps of science as to exactly what transpired at certain particular time periods. This in itself leaves a lot of room for guess work.

Even though what I have discussed here is just a sampling of all that is taught by science on the history of their perceived
“Genesis” of science, the odds of these few events I have
mentioned actually happening by chance would have to be staggering, no doubt.

Yet, there are those that will demean creationists for their
belief in what they enjoy calling fairy tales and the like. It is
worthy to note that it is not so much the science community that will scoff at Theology. This is because they have enough sense to know that neither their position nor Theology can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. And so most scientists can be categorized as “agnostics.”

I would be willing to guess that most atheists generally have
little education in any science field except what they have read or watched on television, (eg. Discovery, National Geographic channel).

They are for the most part Philosophers and Humanists with strong negative opinions on the subject of religion for any number of reasons. They have little patience for the beliefs of the religion’s of the world and even mock and scold, even in the same manner as the unbelievers that crucified Jesus did. Doesn’t It really say a lot that the Christian will not treat nor provoke the atheist in like manner?

There is one more thing worth mentioning. Atheists for the most part have not really and truly investigated the Book that they love to rail against. If they would do this honestly and sincerely with an open mind, they just might be surprised at what they find. If you are in this category, I urge you to think about this very strongly. Everything depends upon what you do here before you do not have another chance to do so.

Moral values and conscience could only have one source in the
Christians opinion. That source is God, the Creator of all things great or small. Why is there a knowledge of God in all cultures? And yes, why do we have morals, love and conscience reflective of a Maker and not simple chance?

And so it goes. These questions will forever be debated while this earth stands. Faith in God and His word guide me. Some will never be able to understand this way of thinking and living. However, I pray for each and everyone that has not met his or her Creator now while he or she lives. This is much better than meeting Him when you die in an unsaved condition.

He stands at the door lovingly waiting.

In my next article I will discuss briefly why I believe in God,
Jesus, and His Word. Maybe just a little food for thought that will move someone to explore the possibility of obeying the Gospel call.

God Bless,


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